In the preparation of an array of dishes – and in combination with the Morsø Forno outdoor oven. The new Morsø Tuscan Plancha in enamelled cast iron fulfils the role of frying pan to perfection. The slanting edge encircling the frying plate contributes to ensure that both fish, meat and vegetables will remain on the plate, centred above the heat. In addition, the plate also functions as a collector of liquids and meat-juice. The slanting edge has been customised to accommodate the “Morsø handle” and thus enable the Plancha being tossed around and moved about during the cooking process. Similarly, the Plancha is easily removed from the grill without giving rise to the risk of burns. Material: enamelled cast iron, black Dimensions: grill area Ø32.5/total Ø37.6 x H10 cm Weight: 3.5 kg


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