The Morsø Forno Gas Grande is a handy grill which not only has the basic gas grill functions but also contributes most beautifully to your outdoors environment with its minimalist design and sure touch. The Morsø Forno Gas Grande outer cabinet is made from moulded aluminium and the grilling grid from solid cast iron. The minimalist handle completes the front of the form, both in terms of design and ergonomics. At the same time, the four-legged frame provides a stable foundation which naturally and discretely makes room for both the control panel and the gas connections. The grill grid of Forno Gas Grande is enamelled. MORSØ FORNO GAS GRANDE Measurements: H492 x B726 x D627 mm / Open Grill - D: 850 mm Grill surface dia: D580/B705 mm Total weight 26,1 kg Gas system: Heat rating: 7,4 kW Mass flow: G30:538g/h; G31:529g/h Gas type: Liquified gas (propane, butane) Total heat supply: 7,4 kw (G30:538g/h;G31:529g/h) Gas classification: B/P(30) Gas and supply pressure: G30 butane and G31 propane v. 30 mbar Burner: Mainburner x 3 Nominel neat supply - Left: 2,3 kw + Mid 2,8 kw + Right 2,3 kw Size of burner supply injector: 0,74/0,80/0,74 mm


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